From Model to Built:

Unlock the prefab construction supply chain.

Our mission is to empower all architecture, construction, and real estate companies to fully embrace prefabrication and off-site construction on a large scale and early in the design phase - paving the way towards the 'Building OEM' era.

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Our Partners

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What we offer

For manufacturers

Earlier access to projects

Starting already in the design phase of the project

Smart matching

Only relevant projects within your product specs and logistical constraints

Optimized for your fabrication capacity

Optimized for manufacturing capacity, customization needs, and cost

Focus on decarbonization

Growing demand for green building materials

For developers and architects

Relevant manufacturers

Work with old and new manufacturers with innovative solutions and new materials

Early access to prefabrication

Ensure fabrication-aware design during the whole project

Model-based and data-driven

Deeply integrated into your design system and building information models

Carbon impact assessment

Full overview of CO2 footprint across material variants

MOD is Open-Source

At MOD, we develop our core technology as open source to invite collaboration and avoid proprietary silos. This openness ensures diverse input, accelerates industry progress, and fosters a more integrated and efficient AEC landscape for everyone.

Open source is a collaborative software development approach where the source code is freely available for anyone to view, modify, and distribute. This fosters transparency, innovation, and collective growth by allowing a global community to contribute and improve the technology.